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When was the last time you called your bank?  Remember how you were put on hold and then you were transferred around? If that is how they treat their existing customers, how will they will treat a new client? You will be assigned a number and from that moment on, the bank’s mortgage staff will know you by that number.


I am a licensed Mortgage Professional who works for you and offers personalized, one-on-one service. I’m available outside of regular banking hours and respond quickly to your emails, texts and calls – so you get the answers to your questions right away.  I understand the importance of keeping you informed at every step of the way, whether you are buying a home, renewing your mortgage or refinancing to fund that special project.  You will know the progress of your funding application at all times. 


I can save you time and avoid hours of frustration with the typical back and forth you see with the banks.  I know what documentation is required up front and can anticipate other potential funding conditions so we are prepared for a smooth closing.


Mortgage Professionals are paid by the lenders that we place the mortgage with and do not get paid until the funds are advanced to you, so I have every interest in ensuring your deal closes, smoothly and on time.  Being paid on commission, I have no preference for choosing a lender, other than the best one for your particular needs.  Banks often offer incentives to their loan officers to push certain products – lucrative for the bank, but not the best product for you.


My business is largely based on referrals.  I will do an exceptional job for you because I want all of your friends and family’s business in the future!


Underwriters can sometimes respond to loan applications with conditions that defy reason and common sense but your deal is in safe hands – our team has almost 50 years of combined experience and we know how to overcome lender obstacles. 

Trust & Privacy


Canadian law requires that all Mortgage Professionals be licensed and have knowledge of financing. Because of the strict licensing requirements, all licensed agents must pass rigorous testing and background checks, including criminal background checks. Professional and licensed mortgage agents have good financial histories and no criminal convictions.

I respect the privacy of my clients and am committed to keeping your personal information confidential, secure and private.  


As a licenced Mortgage Professional my actions are governed by the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders & Administrators Act, 2006, and overseen by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. 

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