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Buying a Home?

Getting a mortgage pre-approval is a great first step when you’re looking to purchase a home. A pre-approval provides you with a specific dollar amount that you can afford and is quick and painless. Usually you can get pre-approved within 24 hours with the necessary income verification and supporting paperwork on hand. Your pre-approval holds the rate for 60-120 days, so if rates go up while you were shopping for a home, you can still get the low rate you were offered on your pre-approval. However, if rates go down you can still take advantage of low market rates.


Renewing?  Renegotiate!

Your mortgage renewal is your opportunity to renegotiate your mortgage and possibly save thousands. Automatically renewing your mortgage with your current lender could mean you don’t get the best mortgage rate and terms you may qualify for -- over 78% of borrowers simply renew with their current lender without even trying to negotiate a better deal.

Contact me today to discuss the different options available to you - many new lenders want your business and will pay for your legal fees and penalty.



Ever wonder what some of those words we use mean?  The world of mortgages and finance has its own set of terminology -- I'm happy to walk you through and explain everything along the way, but if you wanted to do some reading on your own, here's quick reference guide to all the terms you will ever need to know in the world of mortgages!


Thinking about undertaking that long-planned home renovation, dreaming about that great vacation, or wanting to pay off your credit cards? Maybe you want to start planning for your children’s future education? A mortgage refinance may be your best option.


I can provide you with choice, convenience and great counsel so you can select the best solution for your needs.


We work with many lenders to get you great rates, best terms and the features you want so you can use the equity in your home. It’s just one way we can get your mortgage working for you!

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